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[Report] Rangers call Hurricanes about D-Man Sekera


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Yeah he plays for Carolina's AHL team and is not NHL calibre

youve still got to be good for the ahl, not every hockey player makes it to the show

Ya, he is on Carolina too

Oh dear, I was under the assumption that another Staal would make the show as a highly touted prospect.

The stats are really awful. I can't imagine the amount of pressure that he gets from all his successful brothers.

Of course there's a standard to his play for him to be in the AHL, yet his stats are really bad.

It seems that as a forward, he has no offensive prowess whatsoever, after four seasons in the AHL. He is on a team aptly titled "Charlotte Checkers".

I think a reason to trade for him was to appease his brother(s).

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If I'm the gm of the canes, I wouldn't give up a single asset to get Marc.

They can have him for free come July 1st. Why give up an asset?

As for sekera, they should get something other than Marc for him.

Yeah - Sekera is likely the best offensive D-man available at the trade deadline. He's also impending UFA, so contenders don't have to worry about a potential fall in the salary cap.

Bidding will start with a late 1st round pick in a fantastic draft, and go from there.

And as you mentioned, getting Marc now means little to them, so no reason to give up anything for him.

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Man I remember that too. Jared had the skills and tools, but he was always a lazier player. Shame really, he could've been good.

I don't understand how you could be so lazy in a crowd of brothers like that. Now you stick out like a sore thumb.

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Its only a matter of time before M. Staal ends up there. The rangers may as well try to get something for him instead of letting him sign there as a free agent. He also needs to wear either #10 or 14


# 10 was Ron Francis's number and that number is retired by the Hurricanes.

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