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Police launch investigation into Calgary’s worst driver


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Richmond on a good day. The stuff I see out my window would make you cringe, especially when it snows. Who needs cable?

I remember being at an intersection when the light had just turned red, only to see one car stopped not on the opposite side of the street at the stop line, but literally right in front of/underneath the red light, blocking a lane of traffic.

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So she reportedly got a $115 fine? Less than what is issued for not wearing a seatbelt? Awesome. Plead ignorance (she said she didn't know she hit a car??!) and you basically fly under the radar. Or drive. Our system in action...let's just hope that it's not a pedestrian she unknowingly hits next.

Kat Carter: Have you seen this yet? A driver spent 4:30 trying to back out of a parking space, hitting another car in the process. They have been named 'Calgary's Worst Driver.' CBC reported that Calgary police have tracked down the driver. She claimed she didn't know she hit another car, and was only issued a $115 ticket.

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