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Can we do a rewind and sign Brodeur


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Imagine if we could go back to the beginning of the year and sign Brodeur for under $1M and have a combo of him/Lack and $5M more to spend on another player.

All of Benning's moves except for this one have been great. But this one is a fail. I don't care how many wins Miller has. He's bottom tier in both save % and GAA and if Lack started as many games as Miller, he'd be leading the league in wins.

Just a bit of future advice for WD. If you're goalie gets a shutout, he starts the next game, I don't care if its Hockey Night in Canada and your # 1 goalie has a big ego. You get a shutout, you start. It's really not that hard to figure out.

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Stats don't lie. Miller is a winner.

Stupid thread

So was Trent Dilfer a better QB than Dan Marino? He has one more Superbowl ring.

Is Brent Orpik as good a D-man as Ray Bourque was. They have the same number of Stanley Cup rings.

Is John Tortorella a better coach then WD? He has 1 more Stanley Cup ring.

Some stats totally lie. You just have to be smart enough to see around them when they're not really indicative of what's going on.

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Is this serious?

Maybe, but STL prefers him over Miller. They tried Miller last year and said no thanks in the summer. What does that say?

Yep, wow.

Why did STL sign Brodeur? Because the just had there number one go down on injury

Why did they not re-sign Miller? Because miller wanted to go west, and STL was comfortable with there combo of Allen and Eilliot.

Is Miller a bottom tier goalie? Are you nuts. not a chance

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Maybe because Broedur is just a stop gap while Elliot is out with injury? They weren't ready for Allen to shoulder the load fully and Miller was to help them win the cup as a Rental player into not one person said Miller would resign in Stl. So I'd advice you stop complaining our goaltending is not that bad, Miller will come around and play well again. So why don't you just try and support it and not chase another goalie out if town because he doesn't go 82-0

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