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Mafia: Breaking Bad Edition- Hosted by the great MVP


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Willing to bet that at least one of the "stop revealing yourselves!!!" group is mafia. It's not that the message is bad or wrong per se, but it's such an easy thing to piggyback off of. Do we really need 5 people jumping in spreading the same, relatively unimportant message?

Nah. I agree with it. It's more beneficial to the tp if we all message a confirmed tp special rather than announcing it and helping the mafia and cult select targets.

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so, I've only watched part of one ep of this show so I don't know a whole lot what's going on.... All I know is that Hal (aka the dad) from malcom in the middle is supposed to be able to pull off all of this..... And that they get rid of a body in a bath tub and that it is possible to do that (or so I was told by a chem prof in uni)

How much will I be missing out on stuff, because I haven't watched the show?

You won't miss out on anything lol. it's just a theme

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If the lynch is happening in a few hours we may as well vote someone quiet or tie the lynch.

Vote Matthew Barzal

Is it because your mafia teammates are leading in votes?

Woah, tit for tat my friend. I'm TP, last exam on thursday. :(

Vote Beluga Whale

But this seems like a weird mafia post from Barzal, and I doubt they are both mafia.

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