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[Report] Senators fire Paul Maclean

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Not a surprise at all. The only reason they won last night was because of the zebras.

They're management obviously saw what I saw and canned their coach.

Am I seeing what I'm seeing there?

Actually, the zebras were only part of the problem, but our play last night was very very shaky. We took a lot of unnecessary penalties. Why it was allowed to go on like it did was unbelievable.

It's not like we weren't given power play time. We just ruined it ourselves.

Blaming the zebras is oversimplifying what happened last night. Not saying it wasn't an issue, but the team play was dreadful. Maybe they were tired?

Anyway, firing MacLean is a stupid move.

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A bit surprised but it's a tough business. He was a jovial guy with great post game interviews.

It is obvious to me that this was planned regardless of outcome of game last night.

Appears that Bryan Murray waited for Alfie's retirement ceremony before they pulled the trigger on McLean.

I'm a little surprised he got the hook before Dallas Eakins.

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So, who had him predicted as the first coach fired this season. Completely came out of nowhere.

i did. a few others mentioned him as well.

its really not that surprising. melnyk has always been a rollercoaster ride of an owner, bryan murray has always been a pushover and maclean himself set the bar of expectation too high in his first year and he team hasn't performed consistently since.

not that its maclean's fault. a guy with his resume and his grooming in the detroit organization is hardly someone that can be dismissed as the problem. but the senators are a bad team, their captain left under bad circumstances 2 offseasons ago, they replaced him with a flake who couldn't hack it and asked out after a year, and replaced HIM with a 23 or 24 year old player that is absolutely electric in some aspects of the game but sorely lacking in others, and certainly isn't captain material, yet at least. the leadership vacuum has left the two loudest voices on the team as a washed up goon and a washed up depth defenceman.

the sens are going nowhere fast constructed as they currently are.

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I'll bet that since the owner knows they are out of a playoff spot now and statistically they are highly unlikely to make the playoffs he fired MacLean to save money. They haven't started the fire sale yet just in case the players turn it around in the next couple weeks haha.

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