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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Montreal Canadiens Dec 9th,2014 @Bell Centre SNP,RDS,SNE


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Sedins have been passengers for 3 games. secondary scoring is great but without a top line contributing, this team is going nowhere.

There are two major concerns on this team and both slots are going to require a big price to fill if we want to seriously compete in the playoffs: a top 4 defenseman and a legitimate scoring winger.

Or we can just tank the rest of the season. It's a good start so far losing these last 3 :lol:

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Been like that for at least 3 seasons now. When the Sedins disappear, the team sucks

Pretty sure the bottom six has been carrying this team five on five. Both the 1st and 2nd lines are putrid at even strength. Take away the backbone in Matthias and this is what you're left with ...

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What an embarrassment. Three games on big stages against Canadian teams from the east an the Canucks put in a pathetic effort for all three.

Sedins these past few weeks are scaring me with their bonehead plays. They must stop giving the puck away, because they are currently huge liabilities for this team. Taking valuable power play time and doing jack crap.

Your second paragraph could have been a cut and past from last season. They likely won't drop as they did last year but the signs are there......

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top line mia since Washington

2nd line missed the plane for the road trip

bottom 6 doing their best to carry this team on their backs

1st period... what the hell? pucks bouncing everywhere... couldnt make a pass.

rest of game was... meh...

its a long ars trip and we maintain .500... but in a 7 game series, we lose the trip. They looked exhauted for the last couple vs Ott and Mtl. They got robbed in TO imo. Vrbata the best top line F by a land slide on the trip.

Not a knee jerk reaction, but we once again neet to look at somehow upgrading the 2nd line. I love ya Higgy, but youre just not top 6 caliber. We're stuck with Bonino for better or worse... still undecided on what we have there. Im fine with Burr being the grit factor on that unit. David Perron would be a nice addition imo. I wonder what we'd have to add to Kassian to get that deal done.... but likely not what theyre looking for as they reportedly want a C in a return package for DP.

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