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To the new DJs: Change the damn goal song!


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Anyone else dislike the new goal song? You can barely hear it on TV and it really doesn't get you pumped up after a goal like Holiday did. It's boring, repetitive and doesn't have any character.

Hopefully there are people who feel the same!

It'll be nice if we had a goal song that actually reflects Vancouver and our team rather than some random snippet from another U2 song that really isn't even that catchy at all.

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still say Happy Together would be the perfect goal song. it has that effect of laughing in the opponents face, and almost everyone can sing along to it.


Jswing & English could tweak it to make it more arena-friendly I think, though I know nothing about royalty/creative permission at this level.

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The only reason anyone even likes Holiday as a goal song now is because of the memories it brings back. It was a really exciting team and they went to the 2011 SCF with that goal song, that's the reason people want Holiday for nostalgia.

I still remember when Holiday was our new goal song and a lot of people hated it. Now with the goal song we have the Canucks happen to make the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs, then many will begin to like the song and once again be pissed when the song gets changed later on.

Holiday isn't coming back, keep this song and let's see how well or poorly the team does by draft day.

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Take a look at what I think are the best goal songs in the league and you see that none of them are actually songs at all. They're chants. The object of a goal song is to get 18,000 people all standing and singing the same thing for a few seconds. These are all simple, catchy chants that only use ONE WORD -- Whoa!




Black Hawks:

NY Rangers:

My vote for a new goal song would go to one of these two:


(Up To the 1:00 mark)

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