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Past Draft Rant Thread

Tom Sestito

Who would you have taken on the clock?  

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Lot of people want it, here it is.

On the clock, I'd have gone with Nichushkin, Shinkaruk, Nylander, and McCann.

Right now I'd take Nichushkin, Theodore, Nylander, and McCann.

I would take the prospect taken the pick before us in 3/4 of those picks - Ristolainen, Dal Colle, and Burakovsky over the players we'd gotten (I think Bleackley was taken a bit higher than he should have been)

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as much as nylander has talent he doesnt have a nhl size body virtanen had one at 17 plus he skates like the wind


- via VanKiller Whale on hfboards; the average weight of the top sixty scorers in the NHL is 184. The 175 listed for Nylander is old, and I'm fairly sure he weighed in over 180 at Leafs training camp.

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By no means have the last two drafts pissed me off, but here's what I would have done differently:


9) Zadorov

24) Shinkaruk


6) Nylander

24) Scherbak

Of course, this would have given the Canucks a completely different identity in contrast to the kind that Benning is trying to build, but I also love the direction that this team is heading in now. I think that our last four 1st round picks compliment each other very well, so I think that Benning should keep abiding by the blueprint that he's got in place right now.

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Chose Nichushkin, Theodore, Nylander, and Pastrnak.

Exact same except I would have taken Barbashev. Couldn't go wrong with either really.

Nichushkin has been out with a groin injury twice this season and missed 26 games already.

Injury prone already at the age of 19.

When he was drafted you could tell he wasn't built sturdy by the way he walked to the stage.


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In 2013, I would have loved to get Nichushkin with the 9th overall. However, Shinkaruk fell to us at 24th overall which balanced out the "safe" Horvat pick. Horvat is blossoming into a very good two way forward right now and we could really use his faceoff skills for the next 15 years. In Shinkaruk we get the highly skilled player who can take over games. Because Shinkaruk fell to us I don't mind the Horvat pick at all. We get a high end two way player and also a dynamic forward.

In 2014 same scenario happened. I was really hoping the Canucks would take Nylander but we went with Virtanen. Not a bad choice because he's almost 1 full year younger than the rest of the boys in the draft and can skate like the wind. The great thing is that McCann fell to us at 24th. I see a lot of potential in him and I think he has plenty of potential in him. He's already one of the top defensive forwards in the OHL and many scouts see a lot of offensive potential in him. He was ranked as having the 5th highest IQ of the 2014 draft class. We don't get the dynamic offensive player in Nylander but we end up with the big body in Virtanen and a gem in McCann.

Just looking at these four, I feel that they complement each other really well. We have speed and offence from Shinkaruk and Virtanen and two way forwards in Horvat and McCann.

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It's a fantastic idea if it works! Hopefully now we can keep the actual prospect threads about the prospects we drafted and not about how we 'shoulda coulda', the grass is greener over there BS.

Great idea Tom!

If what works? Hindsight always works.

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