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Where should I buy a jersey?


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I don't know the absolute cheapest place to get a jersey, but i want to throw a plug in for The Hockey Shop in surrey. They have always given me awesome jerseys, with very good lettering, and hooked me up decently. I would assume to find the best price it would be a matter of seeing who is having specials at any given time and comparing, and possibly trying to price match.

Team store, sport check, Canucks.com online, any source for sports ect. Call around.

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If you're willing to wait until after the season, a lot of stores heavily discount their jerseys. I got mine for like $70 (with no letteringnumbers). I've seen similar deals at places like Sport Chek and Blue Line Sports.


Good idea. The Canucks themselves also do a post season sale at Rogers. You have to get there early to get anything worthwhile but it is an option.

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Hi guys so I finally got a job and arranged money for a jersey. I have one question where is the cheapest place to get a jersey with name and number on it from a store? Please include price thanks........

Meet me in the back alley , make sure you bring all the money, OK?

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I'm actually looking to get one before the 17th because I'm going to the canucks vs stars game

So you want the best deal and you need it in the next couple days. Seriously, call local stores and find out. You aren't going to get the Chinese counterfeits (not that I'd recommend it) shipped in time unless you pay extra there, and then we can't recommend illegal sites anyway since this is an NHL owned forum.

Sportcheck, Blue Line Sports, Jersey City, Robson Sports, Cyclone Taylor, Canucks store, etc. We don't even know where you are, if you're willing to travel to get it, if you have a credit card to buy online and then get it shipped express (or pick up), or anything like that. If you want help you have to give us something to go on at least.

You're like the guy who phones tech support and says his computer doesn't work and then thinks they have all the detail they need to actually fix it without more info.

But, find everything you need here: link

Hahaha wow. Didn't even say he was wrong. I even gave him my answer.

Too bad that answer doesn't help the OP since he didn't tell us he wanted it right away. This is why I don't suffer people asking for something but telling us nothing (or doing nothing to find out at least something themselves).

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