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Seidenberg hit on Toews

Tom Sestito

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I'm no fan of Jonathan Toews, but this is pretty obviously a hit from behind on a player in a prone position.

Seidenberg needed to take another route to the puck, come in at a different angle, pin Toews to the boards and dig the puck out. When you see the numbers like that, you can't go straight through and drive them into the boards.

This should be a suspension.

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For comparison, there's been two suspensions this season for boarding.

Both two games, one on Kane and one on Nolan.

Both were coming from far away and obvious checks from behind. In comparison to these, I don't see how it's anything more than a fine.

@xtreme, Yeah, he could see the numbers. But, Seidenberg pushed off to the right of Toews' #19 which to me looked like he was trying to go side by side and bump Toews off of the puck

I guess I'm in the vocal minority here so I'll back off now lol

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Plus I'm not lettg personal bias cloud my judgement.

I have nothing against Toews. He's one of my favorite players.

For a long time, I've thought injury was a stupid way to dictate the severity of a hit. But you're right, it is one of the ways the NHL does make their decision so I'll agree with you.

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Wow, OP really has his Canucks homer glasses on. Dangerous hit, which every player learns in Pee-Wee is unacceptable.

Suspension, 5-10 games, due to injury.

Geez I don't know if it's a homer call when it's a Bruin destroying a Hawk..

A true homer would call this a definite suspension, Seidenberg a dirty rat and Toews a diving f*ck.

That being said, I'm not convinced it's dirty either. They were side to side going up to the puck and Seidenberg pushes him and Toews was in a vulnerable position, which is unfortunate. Seidenberg doesn't charge like the two suspended hits above, but I guess it could be a suspension because:

a - the player was in a vulnerable position and Seidenberg could have let up

b - the player was injured

c - the player was Toews, a superstar

It could also not be a suspension because:

a - Seidenberg is a Bruin

EDIT: btw, status on Toews? Did he return or was he done for the game? Any reports on his health?

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