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(Proposal) Edmonton-Los Angeles

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Solid deal.

Richards is overpaid for his role, Edmonton can give him a bigger role (Leon's doing better as the 2C at the moment but Mike would make a really good safety net when/ if he falters). As OP mentioned, Voynov's had a run-in with the law. Martinez is holding his own on the 2nd pairing as he should after signing his new deal, but the Kings have money with Slava's hit off the books. If they need to lose Richards and/or pick up a defenseman in case Martinez goes down, this could work out.

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This makes sense on a lot of levels.

With Schultz mentored by guys like Doughty, he can finally have the chance to live up to his potential. He may be badly underachieving but he has a very high ceiling and is still very young. Worst case scenario for LA is they don't give him a qualifying offer at the end of the year, and they take Richards 5.75M contract off the books.

Richards is not the player he once was. He has 12 points and is -2 in 32 games this year. He had 41 points and was -6 last year. He's the third line center and clearly not worth 5.75 for LA which has a lot of depth. LA would love to find a team that would take his long term high salary.

Edmonton on the other hand gets a veteran hard nosed player signed to a long term deal who comes from a winning franchise. Schultz potential is what Edmonton loses in this deal, but all the intangibles are what Edmonton gains, which is what they obviously really need.

In sum, LA gets a young defenseman with loads of potential to mentor properly, and salary cap space. Edmonton gets a veteran winner who brings the intangibles and will help develop guys like Draisitle and RNH at center. He's signed long term and won't flee Edmonton.

You might need slight tinkering to this deal, like adding Boyd Gordon going to LA to replace Richards roster spot and a mid level defensive prospect (or pick) going to Edmonton.

Good proposal.

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