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Mafia: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Game underway)


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I'm drunk

Ok. That was my first guess actually :P but I didn't want to assume.

I understand everyone's frustrations. And we won in the afternoon, it's 7pm now. I'm not still "celebrating" the win.

I just don't get why no one cared about Aladeen's cult in the Decoded game which won and was never announced at the start. Keep the complaints consistent.

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Played mafia in real life today. Only 8 people, but 2 mafia, a doctor, and a vig or SK seemed to work well.

To anyone who has never played it in real life, you should try it if you can, it's really fun.

Real life? Nooooo I prefer to stay inside where I don't have to interact with other people.

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