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Mafia: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Game underway)


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slip of the gonue?

ok fine - i'm a TP special.... I'm one of 3 "whos" - my special power is working against the Grinch


specials please contact me, doc please save me, everyone else - please vote Aladeen

Since you're asking the doc to save you that means you aren't doc, so either Santa or Vig?

Well if you are Santa you should at least investigate me, if you are Vig feel free to shoot me.

But for now Unvote Dral

However if Santa gets a spokesperson and if their Santa is not Dral and there is someone else who is vig, please Vig kill Dral.

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Virt (3) - Canucks Legacy, Rick Grimes, AppleJack
Intoewsables (2) - Time Lord, Intoewsables
Rick Grimes (2) - BurrDaMan, Virtanen87
Aladeen (2) - Dral, Where's Wellwood
Beluga Whale (1) - StevenStamkos
BurrDaMan (1) - g_bassi13
StevenStamkos (2) - King Heffy, MikeyBoy44
Vote King Heffy
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