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Tank For Mcdavid


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CALM THE F DOWN PEOPLE WERE STILL 7 GAMES ABOVE .500 And not even half way done the season. God I find Canucks fans so pathetic sometimes. People hope on and off the bandwagon like it's the public bus

​just so this doesn't get closed


Whole Team


Whole team plus 2015 1st round pick

:bigblush: :bigblush: :bigblush: :bigblush:

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Calmly, you have to admit that there are legit concerns with the way the team is playing that need addressing.

The question is whether or not the team is able to solve them as-is.

We're likely not getting McDavid or Eichel, but it suuuuure would be nice if we did. Spiffy rebound upcoming next season. Winning culture and all that, by simply acquiring better players of course.

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