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Power Outage Question


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I'm 12

Is there an age limit on calling BC Hydro?

It could also be due to someone in the house using too much power and it snaps the breaker, shutting everything connected to that breaker off. Does anyone in the house come home around 4:30 and start using something that sucks up a ton of power?

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We are in the Cloverdale area of Surrey and have had 2 power outages in the last few weeks. Both times at night during very windy conditions and both times they were back on by morning. We have 2 gas fireplaces that stay on regardless of power so at least we didnt lose any heat. Just keep a few flashlights and candles handy and you should be fine.

If you have trouble getting up on time and your alarm gets screwed by the outage try getting one with a battery back up or use your phone.

I lived in New West for 16 years and had 1 power outage once. Now in Surrey its every few months. I sear its all these idiots out here who think their 4X4 pickup is a ferrari and drive like maniacs taking out power lines.

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