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sestito wjc hockey pool.

Tom Sestito

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I'll take twelve participants - post below. For this, the first three posters below get pretty much guaranteed into it. If you post after that, I'll prioritize in order the people who post first to get into it, but if you're generally not a very active poster, I might not add you into it because there's always that one guy who takes 18 hours to pick.













Scoring system:

FW/D - Goal = 1 point, assist = 1 point.

G - win = 2 points, shutout = 2 bonus point.

five forwards, three defensemen, one goaltender for each team.

Picking order will be a snake system, I'll probably just give everyone a number (most likely in order of when you posted) into some randomizer and base off of that who gets #1-12.

if you end up taking too long for a certain selection, your pick will be pushed all the way to the last pick of the draft. if someone else misses a pick, their pick moves to the last pick and you go up one spot.. and so on.

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For some reason, I hadn't checked the fantasy thread and I assumed there were no pools lol.

Now that I realize that, there probably isn't much interest in this.

Lock it up if you'd like mods.

I will pencil you in next year for mine. 3 years strong and it fills up quickly.
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