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Trading Kassian Smashian (Proposal)

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There's a reason why you don't see NHL GM gamble with there assets like you just proposed

Two things could go seriously wrong on the canucks end

1. Canes could get on a hot streak. two weeks ago, Buff was at the bottom of the league. They then go on a 10 wins in 13 games and moved up 4 spots and it's only December. Also the fact that the canes just traded their pick, they will then likely push even hard to get more assets and make that team a playoff team (like the islanders did) odds are if canes trade us there first overall it's because they don't see themselves sitting at the bottom of the league at the end of the year. and Jordan Staal is just about to return.

2. So now the pick becomes outside top 15, what worse could happen, well we could watch Kassian become a top end pwf and canucks end up on the short end of the stick

No thanks.

Also how does that help the canucks this year. Didn't Benning go out and sign vbrata and miller so that the team could remain competitive. Trading Kassian hurts us this year, and it's been evident in the last 5 games.

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