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How do you want the lines to look next game with Kass & Hansen back healthy?


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Talk about a log jam at forward folks. Can't remember the Canucks ever having this much quality depth and options. Remember before the 4th line would be composed of AHLers for the most part and they'd only get a handful of shifts. Props to Benning big time and WD for giving these many weapons.

Sestito played great last night but I'd scratch him just because you don't want to take away one of the others chances with Tom instead. Dorsett has been reliable all year long, Vey has looked better and better lately and Matthias has become our staple on the bottom 6. This is what I'd like to see:

Dank - Hank - Vrbata

Higgins - Bonino - Kassian/Burrows

Matthias - Richardson - Hansen/Kassian

Dorsett - Horvat - Burrows/Hansen

...Burrows has looked great when slotted with Bo and I like that look so I wouldn't mind giving it a few more games and see where it leads to. Vey & Sestito are the odd men out imo but not as a punishment, just cause the depth. And as good as Vey has looked, he just doesn't fit. As of now, not really up to par to be a top 6er and doesn't have the size and defensive awareness in the bottom 6. Bit of an odd spot for him but he's trying and getting better.

Sestito-Dorsett & Vey-Horvat should be the alternate pairs throughout the year unless injuries occur with Bo & Derek getting most of the games.

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It's probably be Vey - I don't see a veteran taken out or Horvat, who is an effective 4th line center now.

If we continue to be healthy, it'll be Vey until WD thinks Bo needs a break or is struggling IMO. Could also be Kassian if he struggles.

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I want Kass to finally get a real look on the 2nd line. The time for excuses is over. I say put him there and give him the minutes and let's see if he sinks or swims. So long as he is in the bottom 6, the endless parade of excuses will continue.

I'm with you here. Especially with Burrows finding a home alongside Bo, makes the most sense.

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Missing the Wjr's I'd highly doubt they'd sit Bo, unless the next game calls for it.

Might be nice to dress Sestito's size for a game vs one of the California 3.

If Vey dresses, I'd consider resting Bonino for one tilt. Good kid, but bit of a slump. Vs Ana:



Matthias-Richardson-Hansen/Kassian(Vey, if Jannik isn't ready)

Burrows-Horvat-Dorsett(like this line as well)

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Does anybody know what Vey's status is as far as waivers goes? Will he have to clear if sent to the AHL? Just out of curiousity.

I think yes - that's why LA traded him for a draft pick.

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