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Subban's Christmas gift


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P.K. Subban goes undercover, surprises kids with special holiday gift

If P.K. Subban isn’t already one of your favorite players in the league, he may just be after you watch this video.

As part of a special holiday surprise for a select group of kids, Subban disguised himself as an elderly security guard and set up an entire day’s worth of activities for he and the children. From gifts to being able to skate alongside one of their hockey heroes, it’s just the kind of thing you would have expected out of one of the Montreal Canadiens most recognizable faces.


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That's amazing. He does get paid top dollar and he has to do things like this to help promote the team.

I know some people might not agree with me but that will be life changing for most of those kids. Kids at that age are very easily influenced by a star athlete, let alone their superstar dman. These kids will never forget this.

Good on PK and the habs for making this happen.

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