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Boxing day at the brick


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Lol no mas. Not at all. This isn't like America where people stampede and knife each other for TV's.

Go there when they open, walk to the beds and sit on one until an associate helps you.

Actually, now that I remember, my wife and I literally did this exact thg at The Brick last year when we were going to buy a new bedroom set. We sat for roughly 20 minutes with nobody helping us. Finally, we got up and left. Not before my wife took the manager aside to say we were going to buy from a local furniture store and drop $3500 on our new set. We ended up spending close to $4000.
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Ya man you'll be good to go at 6. The bulk of early purchasers will be there for TV's at 60 months a no money down. I have shopped at a Brick every boxing day for 4 years and it's busy but...not super busy. most people will be trying to find cheap clothing more so than large scale furniture purchases.

Just get up and go for opening. Even if there is a small line up of people they'll move towards TVs or appliances and you can have free reign of the mattresses. As for Monty though, he had a bad experience so make sure you grab an associate immediately to ensure you're in and out.

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