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If you could beat the crap out of any sports related people who would it be?


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Had this discussion with buddies the other day.

Assume a magical genie gives you the ability and opportunity to kick any sports related persons butt. We don't know why the genie did it but lets just assume he did. Who do you hate so much that you would just want to beat the crap out.

For me I have a list of 5. Any of whom I would be satisfied with

1) Milan Lucic (self explanatory)

2) Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (I am a Broncos fan and he took away all of the meaningful assets Broncos had during his reign of terror as head coach. To make it worse, he went back to his old job as Pats offensive coordinator and has been sticking it to us since)

3) Richard Sherman (his antic is boring, he is unnecessarily loud and just an annoying person)

4) Mark Messier (again self explanatory)

5) Russell Wilson (its a weird one but I hate this façade he puts up as this devote morally righteous human being when he really isnt.)

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Brad Marchand ( cup thing to crowd)

Martin Hanzel ( took 3 canucks out in 1 game)

Chris Kreider ( ran over Price which costed MTL the series)

Milan Lucic ( self explanatory )

Dallas Eakins ( I don't know why, his face just looks like a nice punching bag)

Bob Hartley ( cause of the line brawl)

Drew Doughty ( just hate him)

Dustin Brown ( just a dirty player)

PJ Stock ( after that Torts didn't have to put his guys on rant )

Ryan Kesler ( cause of his comments after trade " this team is years away from contending" just thought it was classless and wrong, like you got your trade and now you have to bash management + players. )

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Ryan Kesler ( cause of his comments after trade " this team is years away from contending" just thought it was classless and wrong, like you got your trade and now you have to bash management + players. )

but it's true and we say the same thing. we are years away from contending, lol

Hanzal, Nolan, Joakim Noah, Wenger, Rodgers, Jack Edwards, John Garrett, the two idiots from "first take", Robben, more.

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Before I get labelled as hateful, these are just people I think need to be paid a visit by karma:

Duncan Keith (an elbow to the chops would suffice)

Andrew Ference

Mark Messier

Sean Avery

Skip Bayless (won't shut up)

Stephen A. Smith (see above)

Dwight Howard (giant baby)

Damien Cox

Richie Incognito

Adrian Peterson (needs a whipping to be taught a lesson about child abuse)

Brad Marchand (yes, some serious irony)

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Besides the obvious (as posted above), Brendan Gallagher.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the kid, and I'm proud that he's a local boy. With that said, whenever the cameras zoom in on him, I just want to wipe that stupid smirk off his face. I always thought he had a punchable face.

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Perhaps I wouldn't want to beat most of these guys up(Messier, Keith, Doughty, Ovechkin, Yakupov, and Marchand I'd be happy to pummel though.), but these are guys I just dislike.

Lucic, Marchand, Keith, all self explanatory.

Doughty cause he's a spoiled little git.

Dustin Brown cause he's a frigging cheap shot, diver, and a dirty player.

Kesler and Luongo for how they handled leaving Vancouver. "My contract sucks." "Vancouver media sucks." "Vancouver's years from winning a cup." "It's Cory's team now."

Both Kane's because they're egotistical jerks.

Bettman because he's Bettman.

Ovechkin and Yakupov because they're both egotistical, and overly dramatic when they score and it drives me nuts. Especially when Yakupov had that hat-trick in that blowout game against us a couple years back.

Messier because I loathe his existence.

Corey Perry because he's a little jerk.

Marty Hanzal for his cheapshots.

Tim Thomas just because he robbed us of a Stanley Cup. (The only reason why the B's won the cup, heck even got to the finals. He had a ridiculous SV%.)

PK Subban because of his ego. Though to be fair, he's gotten a lot better.

All of CBC because of how biased they all are. Especially Healy, Maclean, and Stock.

Darren Dreger because he's a Leafs homer.

Dave Nonis because he's a tool.

Kevin Lowe because he's an ass who has no clue what he's doing.

The Entire Oilers organization for being an utter embarrassment to hockey.

Gillis for everything he did after the cup run.

Dion Phaneuf and Nazem Kadri. Kadri for his ego, Dion because he's a waste of a roster spot.

And finally, the San Jose Sharks team because they're full of divers, and still accuse us of diving.

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Avery - how he is not sipping through a straw permanently blows my mind ? He deserves to get mcsorley'd and bertuzzi'd

Tootoo - he deserves to get train wrecked from behind

Marchand - giant rat trap to the face

Kieth - elbow from Howe in his prime

Seabrook -jus because

Carcillo - beat him with old shoes

Torres - Oiler scum that should never have donned the blue n green I am still disgusted >(

Sherman(POS) - staple his mouth shut

Marchment - drive into his knees with a cement truck

Phaneuf - how could he not be on this list ?

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