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[Waivers] Derek Roy & Matt Fraser on waivers


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Gotta make you wonder if Johnny Hockey's career would end up in a similar way as Roy's is right now.

Johnny has twice the skill that roy ever had... but if you are implying that he will be impaired by multiple concussions then you r concern would be a valid one.

As for waivers I can see a gang of teams putting in a claim. He is still a 40 point playmaker and at only 1.75m 1mil that's a bargain. You would have to think he could florish on a team like Montreal, NYI or Tampa.

Reason for edit, google bio said 1.75M that was his height not salary :P even more reason to be claimed

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Kinda surprised that Roy couldn't yield at least a minor asset in trade. For a player with a cap hit of only $1 million, his production has actually been pretty decent. Pretty soft minutes though, in terms of his usage charts, but even still, his stats suggest he would be an upgrade on a few teams' depth forwards.

No interest from Vancouver but I could see some other clubs possibly putting in a claim.

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