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GDT: Around the NHL Week of December/January (29-02) 2014/2015

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Well based on memory I'll make one now. If I'm wrong on anyone's win # feel free to correct me.

Pineapples - 3

Gooseberries - 3

Vintage Canuck - 1

Calgary - 1

Brad Marchand - 1

If it's right, then we can just copy/paste it with updates, and add names to the list when other CDCers win.

bow to us froots!
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Florida beat Buffalo 2-0 in one of the most boring (and SLOW) games ever.

Seriously, how Buffalo is still managing to sell tickets is beyond me. (And Edmonton must be jealous because they let fans watch them go from the dressing room to the ice and no one booed.) Even their commentators were boring and annoying. Like freezing your butt off in Buffalo isn't bad enough....

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So Giroux took a skate cut to the back of his leg. Looked a lot like that nasty Karlsson injury a while back, right on the achilles. There was blood.

But... apparently he is okay and he will play next game. Steve Mason says it's probably thanks to that new armoured sock. Hooray for Claude and fantasy users!

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