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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks - Dec 30


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I'm sorry, but when power plays are 4-0 and 2 penalty shots, there is something going on. The Sharks have definitely done some stuff that should warrant a power play for Vancouver

Have you ever thought that our guys just aren't discipline enough and that those penalties are legitimate?

Oh wait, you're one of those Canucks fans who bitch about everything.

I swear I saw 2-3 missed calls against us, that should have been penalties in most games.

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Ha! Do I complain about other people complaining every second post ? I think not.

Don't know. Didn't count. But to be fair, I don't complain about reffing every second post either.

Point is, if you get to complain about what bugs you why shouldn't the rest of us?

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