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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks - Dec 30


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Seriously though, if you want to see how one sided the officiating is against the Sharks, go look at the game recaps on NHL.com and check the penalty summary. We have been at the disadvantage every single game going back to at least the 2012-2013 season, including that playoff series where it was disgustingly obvious how biased it was at 24 to 10.

The deck is always stacked against the Canucks when playing SJ.


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Is it just me or is Miller looking shaky tonight? He gave Pavelski wayyyy too much crossbar to shoot at on the first penalty shot and a midget goalie would have save Thornton's goal. Am I doing this right?

I don't know what you're getting at, but if you want to trash Miller, you have to sound far more insane than that.

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So, are we going to nitpick every play now?

Why not just let computer robots monitor every game and they can decided what's a penalty or not?

The refs are humans, they make mistakes, just like you, me, and every single person on this planet. They can only see so much on the ice, that they bound to misses some calls. I like to see you or anyone else who think this is an easy job, try to officiate a pro game.

No, just the obvious non called ones.

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