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Nash/TBay(Humongous Proposal)

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^So don't you mean Nashville wins?

Consider the commitment to Weber(7.85 AAV) is about 68 mill for ELEVEN more seasons('til he's 40). He'll probably play that long too! So basically you've got him locked in for a decade at about 6 mill/per yr.

On the other hand, Stammer's a UFA in a season & a half. Look at the coin Toews/Kane just received. I say Nash could shell out more on offense, compared with TBay-they've got a lot of talent to pay handsomely..soon they'll have to trade some of it.

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On October 23, 2015 at 4:13:11 AM, Canuck Surfer said:


Johnson, Filppula, Killorn & Boyle.

I'm not sure Tampa goes to the final with that line up down the middle. Even with Weber & Hedman on the point.


I'd like to see who could get past a Hedman - Weber pairing, since that would be next to unstoppable. 

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On 2014-12-30 at 11:24 AM, BaerOxHitman said:

You can't be serious. Stamkos will be scoring 40-50 goals a season for a looong time. Plus he's 5 years younger. Tampa already has Hedman anyways.

Stamkos is done scoring 40 goals a year, his best years are already behind him. So you trade your top defenceman signed long term for someone who walks at the end of the year to whoever will overpay?

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