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What asset(s) would you give up to move up in the draft? (Discussion)

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I agree with you Hunter S. K. almost to the letter. Just an observation that I see on CDC is that we say, oh you can't trade him because his value is low right now, and we should wait until it's higher.

Well, everyone is right about Hamhuis, he is strong right now and still near the top of his game, although I have noticed a small drop in his play......to me, it is the time to trade Hamhuis...should we wait 2 more years and he drops more? His value will never be higher, and we are doing well without him.

I believe Montreal and Phili would be great trading partners for him...either

Mtl....Tinordi + 2015 1st + 2015 2nd.......or........Phili.....Samual Morin +2015 2nd + 2016 2nd

Yes, it would sting, but long term, it would be for the best.....Personally, I like Montreal's the best, but I am sure there would be other offers.

Also...I am inclined to trade

Kassian (low first-22OA to high 2nd-35OA),

Higgins (mid-45 OA to low 2nd-60 OA)

Richardson (mid 2nd-45OA to high 3rd-70OA)

Markstrom (mid 3rd-75OA to mid 4th-105 OA)

* Kassian + Subban for Krug/Morrow +2nd rounder has also crossed my mind

At the end of the day, you fill in the gaps with ROOKIE'S AND UFA'S

Gotta keep Matthais and Dorsett at all cost....within reason :)

First choice to trade is Hamhuis, 2nd choice Kassian.........sell high buy low!

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Wow.....can I draw a crowd! No seriously, as soon as I suggest something drastic....pow that is it! LOL

In the post directly above this one, I suggest moving Hamhuis to Montreal for the following.........

Tinordi + 2015 1st + 2015 2nd........Is it too much to ask? Do we have add? Or is that you don't want to trade Hamhuis?

As for trading Hamhuis....it would hurt but, Dan is 32 years old.....I have noticed a small drop in play, but he still defends as a top defensive player and if we wait 2yrs, chances are he drops a bit more....

I have tried to look at this in playing years.........if Dan gets another 6 years in......I think that is a fair retirement age for this argument, I then look at Tinordi , the 1st and the 2nd and wonder how many NHL years we get out of them? We certainly get younger and potentially we get 3 players.......and I do realize we could get zero players.......but I would be willing to risk this with Tinodri so close....

I think that I am asking a lot for Hamhuis,,,,,,,,I do value him greatly

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