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[GDT] Group A • Dec. 31 • Canada vs. United States • 1:00 PM PT

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His skates were admittedly 6 inches off the ice by the time he laid the hit lol

You know after I saw the replay, you're not wrong. Even still both teams are getting away with a lot of obvious penalties and they're letting them play. I just hope the 2nd doesn't turn into a penalty-fest.

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Great, great game. Tons of chances, lots of good saves.

Virtanen's line started the period pretty slowly, as they couldn't get much traction. They really came on strong later on and had a shift where they could have scored twice.

How is that a penalty

Virtanen threw 5 hits like that a few mins ago

It was a pretty "Huh?" call when you consider every other physical play in that period.

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