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[UPD] Fined 5k - So the Hansen hit on Wingels..

Tom Sestito

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Canuck fan or not; I want head shots out.

This should have been a suspension!

Anybody catch the story down here in Oz with Phillip Hughes death in cricket?

Thats more like being hit by a pitch in MLB. But still illustrates that people die.

What are you even talking about?

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I wanted or expected a fine tbh. It wasn't all that vicious, but then it was still the head so a fine is a good enough punishment.

Suspension of any kind would have been pushing it. Pretty happy/content about this. NHL made the right call.

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Maybe they did a make up call on Hansen, as his 1st ever violation, should have been a fine and not a suspension :)

His first ever suspension should have been nothing. All he did was try to swat the luck out of the air with his hand.
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