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Palpable Parity!

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Think this is worth noting, & might be the most prominent & noteworthy issue of recent weeks.

Over the last month or so, just how MANY teams have been atop the overall heap?









Nash(games in hand)

turning 'round quickly:


current champs:

LA(turn it on, usually in spring)

I'm really believing almost everyone has a legitimate shot(if you make the spring dance!) But man, we're seeing some serious parity here, folks.

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It's come to the point where even teams that miss the playoffs would have had a shot a making a deep run IMO.

Amusingly enough I think this battle of the bottom-dwellers is garnering more interest than the race for the President's trophy this season.

That's what happens when failure is rewarded.

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Is this interchangeable summit partly attributable to goons going way of the dodo?

Some top teams would carry a few 'heavies' & dictate how the game was played out. They could run roughshod over lighter, 'finesse' squads(especially last quarter of season, & PO's) There must have been a strict league-edict, for it's all but disappeared(prob reappear after they win this concussion, court-inconvenience!)

I think this is a big part of the Broons precipitous plummet..but watch for their dirty filth to be given clearance, late-season.

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Guest Dasein

^Harsh as it may seem, it may be wise for CBJ to accept this ain't their year. Sell a couple pieces(eg:Dubi) for more buried treasure, & keep trudging with their eye on the future.

I see a lot of similarity in theirs & Colorado's current options...

No Dubinsky is signed through his prime and is an excellent 2C to Johansen's 1C. They're in good position.

Even if they miss the playoffs this year, better to just stay the course than to blow it up again.

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I think CBJ isn't ready to write off the season yet. Not with the way they've been going. As an 8th seed they be tough again.

If anything I expect them to stay the course and see if they can't get a couple of players healthy.

I'm confident GMJK will give them the next 15 games before he decides anything. If they go 11-4 they are right back in it especially as the Leafs will be the Leafs and the caps are serious question marks too.

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I aggree NFA this year seems to be one of the closest in recent memory with only a few teams not being very competitive at times.

Watching the Pits - carolina game yesterday teams at either end of the standing's , was a close game pitts winning on a late goal , now Pitts is decimated by injuries i know but the commentatotrs said that the canes have had a shipload of games this year that they have only lost by one goal.

One team that seems to be really under performing when you look at their forward group is Philly , but I guess they demonstrate the fact the no matter how good your offense is it's D that wins games/cups.

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What does palpable mean?

adjective: palpable
  1. able to be touched or felt.
    "the palpable bump at the bridge of the nose"
    synonyms: tangible, touchable, noticeable, detectable
    "a palpable bump"
    antonyms: imperceptible
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