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(Proposal) FLO : EDM

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Edmonton has 2 first round picks.

They need a stud on D-Man like Ekblad.

They also need a Boston D-man to gel with Andrew Ferrence.

They need a 4th line muscle and big body like Sesito.

They need a 3rd vet centerman that can shutdown the big lines in the west.

lastly, they need to ride themselives of either Hall, NH, Eberle, Schultz, and or Yakapou.

These players have been losing for too long of a time. Change is required to change the looker room mentality, if you keep losing. You'll have a losing mindset and never win a thing in the NHL.

And who says that Edm/FLO/Buf will get 1st pick. Bettman might give it to Las Vegas.

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