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Are The Canucks Boring?


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Hey, I don't think this is worthy of its own thread so mods you can lock this, but I just had a question. So you know how games against Arizona or sometimes Columbus are soooooo boring? I wonder if other teams think of the Canucks "boring" and like I said you can lock this if you want but please don't ban me.

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I think the only 'boring' aspect of the team this year is the lack of enthusiam from certain guys. Am I the the only one who notices Vrby and Boner just seem to not give a crap about scoring? It's weird and kind of offputting.

I think the Canucks games are way more entertaining than in prior years. I think AV was a great coach (but defensive), Torts was the worst coach in Canucks history and WD is playing an uptempo game.

Also, I'm pretty sure his nickname is "bones" and not "boner".

Sorry, I'm sure that was a typo but its funny as hell.

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Watching games live (as I did yesterday) is almost as boring watching them on TV now.

It's a sad feeling when you have been watching a team for 14+ year, growing up with them and hitting a point where you find yourself indifferent to watch a game.

I always PVR games....this season I have found myself fast forwarding through most of the game.

At least last year there were fights and a tough style to watch. Now I have almost nothing to look forward to seeing this team play.

I don't want to be a downer but this is a team filled with veteran bad aid/temporary fixes and is waiting for the new generation to finally take over. Until then....mediocrity will be the best outcome.

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We wanted to be the bruins we did underate skill so much. Now we're not as entertaining as we were before, but then what do we say we don't need skillfull players who sellsout tickets

I even hear some guys call the LA kings boring when they have 2 cups in the last 3 years.

Gaudreau seems to crap on us how we have been trying to be the bruins when he single handedly beat the Kings on a game.

he was 5'7 170lbs, with speed and exceptional skill. Quite the opposite of what we want.

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