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(Proposal) Van - Islanders "IF"

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So "if" the Canucks are sitting in the 7, 8, 9th spot in the West, Benning will need to put on his big boy panties and make a trade or 2, a lot will be told in the next month but here is what I am suggesting.

Vrbata and Markstrom for Pulock and 2015 2nd

With Burrows playing well, he could easily slide back with the Sedins, outside of him, we have Kassian, Vey, and Jensen that could also play Right wing for the remaining part of the season......I honestly think Benning was going to trade Vrbata sometime next season anyways......to me this just seemed like a better time....Vrbata is looking good and NYI would love his scoring, as it would give them a little push, and match Pittsburgh's deal for Perron

The Islanders could really use a goaltender prospect. Vrbata's Modified NTC would be waved by Vrbata to go to a cup contending team.......this is a good deal for both, and it means we got Matthais, Markstrom, Pulock and a 2nd for Lui......being that the freed cap space allowed us to sign Vrbata in the first place.


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i think hes looking at the future pulock has potential to be a first pairing or secind pairing dman and seeing hes playing in ahl could fix our defense pretty quick plus a high second in a good draft means we might get a good propect to help the prospect depth i doubt we trade vrbata if we are making playoffs id rather unload higgins and hansen guess we will see what happens by march

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Ok Jan, you're right..it's TIME to push the button. Good OP-concept here. I read this post & finally started scrolling yesterday's PGT..that's a bleak read. We NEED something significant, future D & speedy youth.

After dealing Vrbs...

Burrows Henrik Jensen

Daniel Bonino Kassian

The twins molasses-pace is driving this here crazy man, sane. defensively they can't cut it any more(on opponent's transition), so they hang back, & thus are rather useless.

Split them. Trade Vrbs & a gt. Get younger.

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Canucks have indicated they want to stay competitive while "retooling."

Being in the thick of a race for the playoffs at the deadline, wouldn't giving up the team's leading goal scorer + a prospect for a prospect and a pick be seen as giving up, betraying the fans they'd told they wanted to stay competitive and creating a defeatist sentiment in the locker room?

Building for the future is something the Canucks need to do, but isn't tanking when in the race for the playoffs going a bit far?

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Thing is Tyhee, I understand your argument and it is always a bit of a risk, but Vrbata took a big risk coming to Vancouver after we had had our worse season in years....I am sure he had the understanding it could be hell again, so he signed for big money and a 2 year contract with a modified NTC, just so he could have an out as well as the Canucks.

The point is though that NYI have a glut of young defensemen, and Pulock is one of their better ones, it will take over payment and timing to get one of the them out of there. (might even cost them Subban too)

My take on the Canucks this year is they are at best a bubble team, and as much as I want to watch them in the playoffs, I would take one on the chin if it made us stronger long term. From what I have read Pulock is a strong prospect, and while it will makes us weaker, Burrows can step in and do a good job and earn his contract in doing so.

Vrbata was only going to be here a short time and his value has never been higher, and won't be forever. You will never get a "Pulock" type player, if you turn around and trade him at next years trade deadline, but giving NYI 2 runs at the Stanley cup with him, is probably worth the pain of giving away Pulock.

As for replacing Vrbata, who knows? Older UFA's go for 2 things when changing teams, want of money and a chance at the Stanley cup, Vrbata already has the money in his contract and the trade would give him a great chance at a cup.

Moving forward, Vancouver can look at another UFA and pay high short term. I also think that teams move UFA's signings periodically, without other free agency players scorning them......don't do it to many times, or that could happen, but I don't think too many players wouldn't understand and actually appreciate who Vancouver sent him to.

Things changed quickly for NYI

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How can you stay competitive while retooling? Not by drafting alone. Everyone else gets draft picks just like us.

You improve faster if you can trade certain players that arent key to your future for more than they are worth at the deadline.

Signing good ufas and trading them at the deadline.

By being better at drafting and developing than other teams.

giving up your players though at the deadline decreases your playoff hopes and chances if you get there.

Something has to give for a fast retool of this team we cant have our cake and eat it to unless we want to wait 10 years.

While i like alot of our youth (virtanen , mccann in particular) they arent volumes above what other teams have a d we still have to many missing parts that arent easy to acquire like a future top center and top pmd.

i dont see how gmjb can do this without getting assets back for higgins richardson bieksa at the least.

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yup trade away easily our best goal scorer on a team that has few top 6 scorers for a player whom hasnt played a NHL game... dont get me wrong pulock is a good prospect, but is also years away from having a real NHL impact.

Would be fine if we were in an Oiler or Sabre like rebuild, but thats clearly NOT the direction that the management group is heading, so why waste time thinking of deals like these? Might be your ideal move, and possibly the right decision, but the reality is that management wants to make the playoffs, and a deal like this would massively set them back of achieving that goal.

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Hi Silver Surfer

Yes, I was the person that suggested the offer to the Islanders for Pulock on HF Boards. I am pretty happy with the response actually. I realized after the fact that I didn't know Pulocks importance to the Islanders. I don't mind being informed I am wrong, and you get a much consistent response there, because you get fans from all over the league reading it. If they were wrong with their response.....other teams fans would be jumping all over them......as with what happened to me on my post. LOL

I want to learn, and as much as I love CDC....some of us have distorted views of our team, as others do of their own teams, and please don't get me wrong.......CDC has great posters......NOT me! LOL But I try, and every once in a while, I will get one right.

What I don't like from there and here as well, is the disrespect.......some on there and here as well, respond as if they are the only ones right, and it does scare some people off.......I would like to hear more peoples opinions......but maybe I am just not in the loop.

But in saying that....I am hear to read and put my 2 cents worth in........

Just so that no one misunderstands me.........I don't like being in the middle of the pack and not improving........I see us as an aging team, that will suffer near the bottom for a few years, and I believe that the only way to change that is to sell aging vets, while they have value left, for solid draft picks and good prospects. (Apparently, the Islanders do not want to help us out on our quest), LOL.......But I do not suggest you do that when at the top....we are not there...IMO

This fear I have is the result of being a long time Canuck fan and seeing the Canucks in the early years struggle to put a middle of the pack team together (That Canuck fans demanded), that was mostly either put out in the first round of the playoffs or just miss. And almost every year, we would be just good enough to miss out of the cream of the draft....there by never having the real stars, that could put us on top....this is what drives most of my comments these days

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If Markstrom puts together another run(like the season-start), perhaps we can go fishing for such a deal.

Mind you, it tells our vets we ain't REALLY all-in.

It also tells future UFA's we're just a good time in a short skirt. hmm...

Trading Hodgson for a prospect was also deflating at the time. Regardless of how people felt about the move, the team went in a funk for 3 or 4 weeks at the time. Add to it, two rounds of play off's add $20 mill in jake to the Aquillini coffers. A clear goal.

So I do not see us doing this.

But the value of the deal by the OP was probably fair. And the target on the mark for what we need.

I also question if it is the right sell for the Islanders. He is Boychuck's heir apparent as big RHD. And Boychuck is UFA at the end of the year. Much more likely to move one of Pelech or Donovan, maybe even (but less likely) Reinhart.

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