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Interactive Simulation League - Become a GM or Player (No game needed, live matches, original teams and players)


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The UFHL Simulation League


Hello Canucks (and others) fans,
I'm here to introduce you to a league I've been part of for a while and that I believe some of you may be interested in, particularly considering many were left disappointed by the NHL franchise not including GM Connected anymore. (in current gen)
In this league, you can be a player, a GM, get involved as the league safety board and other things.
It mainly revolves around making your player unique, creating backgrounds, stories and keeping him involved.
We've just finished season 8 and we're looking for expansion teams! All logos, jerseys and ice are totally unique. Expansion and relocating teams can determine all these in order to have a team he relates to.

The very special thing about this league is the fact that it bases itself on NHL 2004 (heavily modded), providing the most authentic experience possible while also showing gameplay, both recorded and broadcast live (and not just numbers, like most other leagues). Therefore, this can be an exciting new experience, even if you're already in the VHL, SHL, HFNHL, BESL,etc!

Another interesting point is that, although the league is finishing its eighth season and it's very well established, the commissioner is willing to adapt the rules and accept feedback from all members (whether veterans, rookies or something in-between).

​There's also consideration of a fantasy draft to re-balance teams so the new ones don't suffer years tanking.

If you're interested, let me know.

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