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Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '90s


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Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The '90s
The Huffington Post B.C. | By Andree Lau
Posted: 12/31/2014 12:15 pm EST Updated: 01/01/2015 1:59 am EST

The '90s in Vancouver were a heady time, when two of the city's biggest events were sponsored by (gasp) tobacco and beer companies. When you could pet animals and gaze at polar bears at the Stanley Park Zoo. When Science World didn't belong to Telus, and GM Place didn't belong to Rogers.

So if you cheered — and wept — over getting this close to the Stanley Cup, and got the bulk of your sex education from Rhona Raskin on Z95.3, then take a trip down memory lane with us.

Here are 26 signs that you grew up in Vancouver in the '90s:

  • You shopped here.
    slide_384470_4594360_free.jpgMaurice Jassak/SeeVancouverBC.com
  • And you ate here.
    slide_384470_4594516_free.jpgBill Brewer/walkvancouver.com
  • You were really excited by the Vancouver Grizzlies...
    ...then you quickly realized just how bad the team was.
  • You spent a lot of time at Johnny Zee's...
    slide_384470_4594152_free.jpgJesse Ferreras/HuffPost B.C.
  • ...and at this place.
  • You knew this as GM Place.
  • You took photos of fireworks with a film camera.
  • You got sunburned watching cars go by really fast at the Molson Indy.
    slide_384470_4594190_free.jpgRichard Lam/Canadian Press
  • You felt the soaring elation...
  • ... and the crushing disappointment.
    slide_384470_4594194_free.jpgMike Powell /Allsport
  • And then more disappointment.
    slide_384470_4594314_free.jpgSteve Bosch/Vancouver Sun/CP
  • You listened to (the original) Z95.3 FM.
  • You watched "The X Files" to see what parts of the city you could spot.
  • "I know those trees!"
    slide_384470_4702426_free.jpg20th Century Fox/CP
  • OMG, Mulder's apartment!
  • And Scully's apartment!
  • You recognize this logo.
  • ...because it was just so damn cool.
  • You felt a bit sad when the Stanley Park Zoo closed.
  • You phoned in to rant on "Sound Off with Bruce Allen."
  • And you listened to "Sex, Lies and Audiotape" with Rhona Raskin on Z95.3.
  • Our city sure looked different back then...
    slide_384470_4718608_free.jpgCity of Vancouver/Ryan Griffis Flickr
  • ...but we wouldn't change a thing.

Yupp, I'm a Vancouverite,.....Alright!

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Check -
Vigin Megastore Downtown
Planet Hollywood
Johnny Zee’s
Playdium Metrotown
GM Place
B&H Symphony of Fire
Molson Indy (+ 3 summer jobs there)
1994 Cup Run Obviously
Original Z95.3
Central Library
Decrepit area after 2nd Ave that’s now the Olympic Village
Barf Grizzlies.
Yup. Vancouverite alright. But gettin' old!
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Geez those images bring back some fond memories. As I recall the Virgin store at Burrard and Robson was once a public library.

As a kid I vaguely remember where the Telus Science World is located there was an old sawmill on Main Street across from the CN train station.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yupp, I'm a Vancouverite,.....Alright!

That photo of McLean, Linden, and Gelinas said "disappointment". WE WON THAT GAME!

But yes, I was a teenager in the 90's. Awesome times. Best mems for sure though was going to Playland on weekends back when they kept the park open until 11pm. No idea why they eevr changed that. It was a great place for young kids to hang out and pick up chicks!!

Damn I'm old now.

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Actually Vancouver has not changed that much physically since the 1990s. The biggest and fastest changes happened in the few years just before the 1986 Expo. For the Expo, the False Creek industrial area was cleared, BC Place built, Cambie Street Bridge built, and Skytrain was brought in. And don't forget the trade convention center with the famous sails, built for the Expo.

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