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[GDT] Gold Medal Game • Jan. 05 • Canada vs. Russia • 5:00 PM PT

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Guest Dasein

Watch Toronto gives away it's first rounder to get Domi.

... You wouldn't trade a 1st round pick to get Domi?

The coach trusts the 19 year olds more. Why wouldn't he?

Their games are much more refined.

Crouse was out there - I couldn't believe my eyes that Groulx trusted a 17-year-old that much. I had no idea he played such a complete game at his age.

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I like beating the US, but there's something about beating the Russians that I love.

Such a cocky group of showboaters. Sure they had a good effort after being down, but there's so much arrogance and a "me mentality" to their game.

Same here. No country is perfect at the world juniors considering these are all young hyped up players but the Russians crossed the line and showed some pretty poor sportsmanship in that game. First there was Yudin taunting Canada's bench while his team was still losing and the stupid penalty on the same play, then there was Gavrikov whipping his stick at the fans after the game was over.

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