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Mafia: The Game [Per Nostri Occhi Solo]


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Thanks for hosting Toews!

First time winning as a TP special in nearly a year (since the Zodiac game)

Working in an alliance with VIC (again), Apples, and GFY ( :angry: ) was fun.

But then I created another alliance of "99% confirmed TP" with Mikey, Stamkos, and In4thecup, where we discussed strategy for this round, and any rounds after (which never came).

Fun game.

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I thought his posts were suspicious.

Killing a TP in the 1st round, in his 2nd game felt kind of wrong afterwards.

we were actually talking, when the game started, and I told him if he was regular TP his job should be to try and get mafia killed - so act suspicious enough to make the mafia think you're a TP special...

lol, almost worked

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