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Here Is The All-Time "Albert Achievement Awards" Blooper Reel


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Veteran announcer Marv Albert has been running blooper reels as a guest on David Letterman's program for decades. In his 126 appearances on either Late Night With David Letterman or Late Show, the "Albert Achievement Awards" (set, always, to that ragtime vamp) have established the canon of sports bloopers. Tonight, in what's likely the last Albert Achievement Awards ever, Marv presented his favorite clips of all time. Enjoy.

**really wish I could post the video, buts its worth a look. It's also hilarious as hell, a throw back to bloopers from back in the day.**

Anyways here is the link that contains the video, fast forward to 1:55 if you just want the rewards without the interview:


Good amount of Canadian content.

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