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nhl goalie market has opened up (proposal) (discussion)

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Elliotte Friedman was on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Monday morning.

On the Minnesota Wild:

“When I spoke to Chuck Fletcher, he made it very clear that one of his biggest issues was that he hadn’t yet found anybody that he thought was a marked improvement on what they already had.

“Now, he denied talking about Enroth with me.

“I know the name Cam Ward has been out there a lot, but I did kind of hear on the weekend that I’m not sure Minnesota wants to do that. That’s a big salary commitment for next year. I think there’s a lot of different opinion on how Cam Ward has done this year. I think there’s been a real improvement in him, but people still wonder is he really kind of back at the elite level that people have kind of expected out of him.

“So the other team to watch about all this is Vancouver. Eddie Lack is a year away from unrestricted free agency, and they’ve got Markstrom in the minors too. But I don’t know if you’re the Canucks, if you’re going to help Minnesota when you’re battling with them for a playoff position.

“I think the biggest question right now is, is there a goaltender out there now available, who the Minnesota Wild look at and say, ‘That guy is much better than what we’ve got, to the point where we’re willing to give up a sizeable asset for him.’

“To this point, I don’t think Chuck Fletcher has found that guy yet.”

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In my opinion we should move Lack. He will get more in return than markstrom.

We committed to Miller for 3 years. This would give us 2.5yrs to have Markstrom continue to develop under our goalie coach while being a backup. This would mean when Miller is gone Markstrom would be around Lack's age. Aswell as Demko most likely being done college and Maybe in the AHL already.

I think we need to truly see what Markstrom can do, As he is the Best piece we got back from moving out Franchise goalie out. I think Matthias may walk as a ufa for more $ or will want a bigger role.

I like Lack, but I dont see him overthrowning Miller or our coach or GM even letting it get to a stage like that. Move the asset now, look to target a younger forward or D man, or a 2nd round pick, add to lack to sweeten the pot of go after something better

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