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canucks will miss playoffs due to lack of scoring


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I hope we get a great high pick and that jim trades a couple of our older core guys for future prospects . let the retool begin !!!!!

Makes sense, if there is a year where its good to miss the playoffs, this year is it with the deep draft. And if we can get decent value for our vets, why not trade them?
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As usual we lack top 6 forwards.

Right now we have 4:





That's debatable, I think we have 3 players on pace for 60+ points, 3 for 35+ points. It actually would be fair to say we have a second line and a third line, rather than top 6. Thank god for Miller, because without him we're 13th to14th in the west. We've averaged 2 goals/game in the last 7 games since the coyotes blowout. I hope Benning is either searching for some offense or planning to start shipping out vets soon, because it's gonna suck to draft 10th-18th overall.
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Well it looks like we will be right around the bubble at this rate, but if we get hot at the end of the season then it's possible we make it. Either way would be fine because I want us to finish 8th in the west anyways haha.

Seriously though we have 42 games left already have 49 points. So we really just need to go 21-21 to be in the vicinity. That would give us 91 points. If we win a couple more we're in if we lose a couple more then we're out.

We also play:

Carolina 1 time

Buffalo 2 times

Arizona 3 times

Edmonton 1 time

Minnesota 3 times

There is 10 winnable games.



Philly x2






New Jersey


Are also winnable games

There are the 21 wins if we do what we're supposed to, but likely we will lose some of these games and win a couple against stiffer competition down the road.

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