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[Official] PGT Registrations - First Round Open

-Vintage Canuck-

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I have been doing most of the PGT's this year. I thought it is time to give other people a chance, even though some people want me to do them. This will also avoid confusion as to who is doing the PGT.

Some Basic Guidelines:

  • Limit three games per user per month (If sign ups aren't being filled, you can do more).
  • You may post the PGT after the game has ended (the earlier the better), but please post the PGT within 5 minutes after the game has ended.
  • If a PGT thread isn't up within the specified time limit, the first user to make a PGT will have the official thread.
  • If for any reason you can't create the thread for your game, please post in this thread or PM a mod so that a replacement can be found.
  • Missing a game you signed up for will result in your being excluded from further sign ups.

Sign-Up List:

G1 Wed., April 15 Calgary @ Vancouver - -Vintage Canuck-
G2 Fri., April 17 Calgary @ Vancouver - - Vintage Canuck-
G3 Sun., April 19 Vancouver @ Calgary - -Vintage Canuck-
G4 Tues., April 21 Vancouver @ Calgary - -Vintage Canuck-
G5* Thurs., April 23 Calgary @ Vancouver - -Vintage Canuck-
G6* Sat., April 25 Vancouver @ Calgary - -Vintage Canuck-
G7* Mon., April 27 Calgary @ Vancouver - -Vintage Canuck-

Missed Opportunities:

Totes McGoats


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