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(proposal) STL-VAN


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Dmitri Jasken has been a highly touted prospect I've been researching/watching for a very long time. This kid has tons and tons of potential. He's 6'2, 200 pounds, LW sniper that scorers goals. He's very young, just 21 years old and he could be our sniper of the future(kind of far-fetched but not outta the reach). He'd look good in a Canucks uniform and he is surely damn intriguing.

STL gets: Vey, 2015 2nd ,Higgins, Blomstrand

VAN gets: Jaskin, 2015 7th.

We get a future sniper with amazing potential. He could be deadly with Virtanen.


Obviously I'm just getting a little tingled but he's truly a guy that we need in the future if we want to be a goal scoring team. He has good, decent size that will complement his goal scoring game.

Blues do this because they get a pick, a prospect in Vey, a great second liner that will help them solidify their bottom 6.


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Jaskin was scouted as elite talent waiting to break out before drafted!

Does not mean he will break out...

But he's an exciting target!

We'll probably have to wait to closer to the deadline. What STL needs to make their run for it. Where they have injuries. Then we'll know what it might cost?

And whether it makes sense...

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I agree, he could be a good target for sure, higgins might get it done alone or a slight add. Maybe they might want richardson/matthias and a pick or prospect?

either way we need to target some skilled guys who are down on the depth charts for teams who are stacked here is my list of potential targets who are in nhl or ahl who have skill/upside

Jaskin-Blues: they are a team who want to make a run could use a depth guy like higgins for a push

Connolly -TB- pick or matthias and something

Jurco/pulkinnen from detroit, Could use a rhd we have Corrado or weber plus something

JT Miller, NYR- might re unite hansen/burrows with AV?

Pirri from florida- isnt getting much play time, but has shown he can put up points, could help 2nd pp- *should be cheapest option*

Brett Ritchie-Dallas- Has size, might be available in a lack deal?

Smith-Boston- cap issues going forward maybe could be had? something around jensen

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Why would the Blues move Jaskin for junk?

They certainly don't need a player like Higgins or his continuing cap hit.

They value is fine, but the Blues simply have no motivation getting these players. They don't fill any particular need.

Would the Canucks want to move Horvat for a similar package.

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