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[Article] Ruutu and Jagr Miss Practice


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Do people buy the "illness" story? These two names are heavily linked to trade rumours. New Jersey has a long break without playing until Wednesday so seems like an ideal time to make a move if one is in the works.

So... just illness? Kept out because of some trade talks which aren't finalized? A deal made but not announced until tomorrow?

If it's just about them missing practice - especially with the flu going around (never mind the mumps earlier this year) - then I don't think there's much to it. Otherwise if there's actual speculation on trades in the article then you should update the tag to speculation (your own speculation doesn't count).

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What does that say about his play if Gomez+Bernier are on the 1st, and he's on the 4th with Sestito+Poopoo. Ruutu would be on our 8th line

Frustrating seeing guys like Ruutu Korpikoski Kontiola and others do so well at that olympics and nothing in the NHL. Daamn you Granlund for allowing me to waste my last fantasy pick on you. Knew I shoulda gone Swede n taken Forsberg or his mate Ribiero. Oh well, not as bad as taking Hertl the round prior. Daamn Wingels and his strong 2way play taking up all the ice-time

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For entertainment purposes and hockey lore, I would LOVE to see Jaromir Jagr on the Canucks.

He's basically the last of those greats from the 80's and 90's, as he was just coming up right at the start of the 90's.

This is the guy who won legendary back to back championships playing alongside Mario Lemieux over TWENTY YEARS AGO.

He's wasting his time on the Devils. Have him come here to Vancouver, where he can light the lamp and maybe even do some damage in the playoffs this year.

I could see the Canucks sneaking out a first round win if we had Jagr as the 'secret weapon'.

Plus the Sedins won't feel so old out there....

Fun fact (from Wikipedia) : The letters in his first name (Jaromir) could be scrambled to form the anagram "Mario Jr.", a reference to teammate Mario Lemieux

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