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Nylander recalled by Leafs


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Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger 31m31 minutes ago
William Nylander has been recalled by the Leafs from Modo. He will report to the Marlies.

Bob McKenzie@TSNBobMcKenzie 35m35 minutes ago
As has been reported, TOR recalls William Nylander. He's expected to join the AHL Marlies at this time.

Bob McKenzie@TSNBobMcKenzie 31m31 minutes ago
It's my understanding 2 reasons for move: 1. TOR wants him playing on smaller ice. 2. Situation in MoDo (coach fired recently) wasn't ideal.


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Desperate move by a desperate franchise?

Not the worst timing as he likely started to get used to the small ice surface again during the WJC's, but I'm never a fan of a team moving an 18 year old across the globe mid-season and having him try to adapt to a much more physically demanding league and schedule.

There were whispers that Pittsburgh may have done the same with Kasperi Kapanen about a month ago, but i'm guessing his less than stellar WJC tourney coupled with the move for Perron has quieted those discussions.

Regarding Nylander, at least it'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

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This move is premature, but I think it has a lot more to do with the Modo coach firing than this being good for his personal development. They're dead-last in the SHL and Nylander is a supposed leader on that team. Safe to say the new coach isn't going to go with the same approach. Meanwhile the Marlies have nothing to lose. They're dead-last in scoring, going nowhere fast, and can afford to give Nylander all the cushy icetime he wants. But is he ready to be a pro? From what I've seen, not even close. He's easily crumpled on hits from junior players and sought to duck out of any and all contact. He simply needs to build strength.

TO has no other prospects to get even a little excited about at the moment, so there's that. Pressure's on now for him to become some half-cooked saviour.


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