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NHLers play Sledge Hockey


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Saw this posted over at Hf and thought it was pretty damn cool. Brought a smile to my face and it's awesome that those guys, including our very own Millsy, took time out and made those sledge hockey players' days(years?). Props to Gatorade as well for setting this all up. NHL players in the video are: Crosby, Giroux, Hartnell, Mackinnon, Couture and Miller.

Miller killed it apparently too, rest of the guys...not so much :lol:

lol @ Hartsy " My first instinct is why don't I have a longer to stick so I can hook em and slash em" :lol:

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Saw it the other day when it was linked (I think) on the Canucks Twitter page. Very cool. Everyone looked like they had a great time.

Sledge hockey needs to get more respect (and coverage at the upper levels). Watching the Paralympics, they can get some nice shots off and make some really nice plays. Lots for any hockey fan to admire.

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