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Oscars 2015 / Best Films of 2014

The Bookie

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Among the frontrunners for the awards, I only saw Imitation Game and Birdman. Didn't see Theory of Everything, Grand Budapest, Boyhood, or Selma. As such I'm biased toward those 2 movies.

Really happy Birdman won Director, Picture, Screenplay, that Imitation Game won best Adapted Screenplay, Big Hero 6 won Animated Film, and Feast won Short film.

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really surprised by some of the winners, which is weird cuz usually the Oscars are very easy to read.

i am, personally, really deeply bored by biopics. as good as some of them are (Foxcatcher, for example, I really liked), I don't think many of them transcend the medium or are like 'great works of art' or whatever. Birdman, Budapest, Boyhood, imo, win points simply for being unique visions. Selma, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Imitation Game, Theory of Everything, etc. for my money, are just interesting stories about interesting people told mostly through semi-interesting ways.

Inarritu said something true about how the truly great movies will be proven by time, not awards in the present, and how true is that? most biopics fade fast.

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