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2015 Goalie Controversy - Vancouver has to have it

Brick Tamland

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also keep in mind Lack has been in trade rumors so Could be playing to give teams a good look. But like i said last game Miller said he was sick and Lack gave them a better chance. sad that you want people to fight over this..

I like lack, but if we could deal him and get some help, that would be great. Markstrom needs to show what he can or cannot do at the NHL level anyhow.

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There's no controversy. miller is sick. Listen to his voice the guy may have skated but so what, him and 2.2 BILLION people on this planet have the flu. Lack starts, we have to many goaltenders we will trade one in a package.

That is not a controversy that is just how it is.

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I guess we should take it as progress that no one tried to use the fact that Lack's stats have been better than Miller's for a while now as proof that he's "outplayed" Miller and therefore had earned the starter job and that we should yet again throw out an established starter for an unproven backup with a smaller stat sample size.

Yep, only in Vancouver could using the fact that a guy has the flu against him be seen as an improvement...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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