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We need more defense than offense.


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Are you serious?

Please tell me this is a joke. Salo a bust? This is BY FAR the absolute worst post ive ever read on CDC and that says alot.

Salo a bust. Wow. Cant even believe i read this garbage.

I don't know, that one right above yours is pretty good too.

People have been saying that for 8 - 10 years now.

That's because the Sedins have been "figured out" for 8-10 years. Yet they still produce. Espeically when supported properly with secondary offense and offence from the D. Pretty much like most top players in the league...hmmm :rolleyes:

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Here's the thing....with defense, you have a back up to that when things do break down, in a goaltender who's expected to come through. With scoring, if no one's getting on the scoresheet then what? Then even one goal can be the difference between winning and losing so you have to answer back with goals of your own.

The defense will really benefit from Dan's return, so I'd focus more on scoring and that riddle atm. It's not that we don't outshoot our opponents...our last 3 games/losses we have. But it's the quality of those shots (and also the performance of the opposing goaltender...we have a way of making them all look like superstars). I don't think we get in their grills enough....they are allowed to focus and be on top of their game. I'm not saying RUN the goalie, but create chaos as Burr does in front of the net.

And I've noticed that often during offensive zone possession our guys are on the perimeter, passing away but we need someone eventually in the slot or in front of the net (Thanks Burr, love ya)....the perimeter stuff ends up with someone stealing the puck along the boards or intercepting one of those cross ice passes and then it's a turnover that goes the other way. Hey, I'ma call Willie and tell him this stuff. ;)

Seriously though, the passes are pretty but they have to drive and get in front of the net more in my view. Gritty ugly dirty goals count the same on the scoresheet as those purdy ones. Rebounds also generate chances (hear that, RM?....in his defense, he hasn't been as worrisome of late in this dept.) so even if the initial shot doesn't get through, you will have people in place in the immediate area that can chip away and try to jam the puck in. If no one's there? - nope.

The Sedins get far too much flack...my God, where do you think we'd be WITHOUT them?

Salo a bust...heeheeNO.

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