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let youngsters fill some spots (proposal)

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vets arent getting it done hansen and higgins get plenty of ice time more than vey but arent producing anything meanwhile utica is doing great kenins and gaunce and jensen should be called up giving our rookies a chance to prove their worth saving us cap space and giving us a young fresh start to season

jensen sedin vrbata

sedin bonino vey

burrows horvat mattias

kenins gaunce dorsett

edler tanev

hamhuis pulock

methot bieska

stanton corrado



kassian and markstrom for islanders ryan pulock

hansen for jets 3rd rounder

sbisa and higgins for methot

weber for a 5th rounder pens

richardson for a wings 3rd rounder

adding two 3rounders and a 5th would help us steal a few gems in this yrs draft plus being younger is way better including freeing up cap space for resigning methot and tanev our d corp looks so much better especially a methot bieska shutdown tandem

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Jensen and Shinkaruk both deserve a fair shot. Right now, no one on the Canucks forward roster has really out-played these AHL kids in the last 3 games, so why not shake it up. Jensen has had his turn in the NHL, I think it's time to see what Shinkaruk can do at some point.

Personally I'd like to see this lineup next game:

Sedin - Sedin - Jensen (Jensen lit it up with the twins in the brief stint he had with them before, and the Sedins need some youth to spark them. Big body, plays a skilled game just the way the twins do)

Vbrata - Bonino - Vey (Vey and Vbrata are both quite skilled and could be a deadly pass-shoot combo. Haven't been able to play with each other because they're both righties but we've got to stop matching lines based on handedness and think about chemistry)

Shinkaruk - Matthias - Burrows (Shinkaruk can learn from Burrows and hopefully become that sort of player in the future. Gritty 3rd line with adequate size and skill)

Higgins - Richardson - Hansen/Dorsett (these guys are all great on the PK together so why not play them as a line, solid defensively so won't cost us a 4th line goal against)

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i agree about the kids but i dont think willie will want to give shinkaruk a chance yet i think he hates that linden and benning made him keep up horvat and it shows by the limited minutes hes been getting when hes been playing great i guess we will see once hamhuis is back i think a few moves will be made but i could be wrong

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morrissey stock is way up after world juniors kassian wont get us him ekholm would be nice also not sure if we could get him

it would be nice to get seconds for hansen and richardson but also not sure if market will get us though. fingers crossed tho

This. Morrissey will be difficult to pry away. I like that Pulock and Kassian trade though :)

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i still believe in this group but they need a spark...the hammer will help, but they need another puck moving defenseman and they have to throw body checks....we have to own our own end...when everyone sucks at the same time, the problem is somewhere else...i know that benning and company knows where the problem lies but they know you can't trade players we don't see helping us for players that can...we don't know what benning has cooking...i would like to know, why this team isn't hitting anyone?

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Just want to point out in your proposal,

You're giving away 5 pieces under the age of 29 and the ONLY 2 roster players that you actually move over that age do nothing in regards to helping the youth move up.

Instead of saying let the young guys get a chance. You should have said trade all the young guys and play the rookies because you've just traded away all the bridge age players from the team with this proposal.

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well it frees u cap space get us picks and you have to give up assets to get dmen like pulock they dont come cheap plus. rookies on elc are valuable because they dont cost as much on cap hit im sure. kenins and gaunce can at least do what higgins and hansen are doing offensively at moment or at least hit someone which the stale core cant bring to the table

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Methot is a pending UFA, Richardson&Hansen have more value then a 3rd round pick. Like the idea of a Kassian/Pulock trade, but would rather try using Kassian to pry out a Josh Morrissey or maybe Eklholm from Nashville who's looked really good.

Winnipeg would never do that. I wish though :)

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we dont need MEthot, he will want too much $ and term aswell.

Pulock is a nice Target, until the Islanders secure Boychuck i dont think they would entertain moving Pullock though.

Players we should trade or entertain offers on:

Richardson- Could have decent value for contender 2nd or 3rd and 4th/5th pick= Horvat moves up to center 3rd line. Richardson will command a decent raise and we need to move Horvat up and give him more ice and responsibility.

Matthias- Offer contract on the cheaper side ala 4th line minutes or trade for a 3rd or 4th pick = Give Kenins a shot on 4th line? Liked him in the olympics, appears to be making an impression in Utica

Higgins- NTC but going close to home probly waives. Islanders a fit? a pair of picks or a prospect/younger player as the return. Jensen gets called up to replace him on 2nd line.

Burrows-NTC higher cap harder to move, doubt we retain. Montreal best bet for him to waive. 2nd and a decent prospect for him. Dont think he will go, but he would help a team trying to win a cup in next year or two. We wont be that team.

Sbisa- Id move him for a pick or prospect swap. Could we get a 2nd? maybe a prospect swap, i like Wiercoch swap myself

Weber- 5th round pick - Detroit or any other team wanting depth or 2nd PP capable D

Lack- think we should move him and develop Markstrom behind Miller over next couple years. 2nd rounder, prospect or younger player? Teams now could need a goalie, might not get a ton for him but goalies never do. Strike while theres a demand

Hansen- Jets could be interested and he would waive. Id like to keep hansen, especially if we do move a couple of the above forwards for picks already. He plays hard is valuable to our team going forward.

Kassian- I really wanted to see him improve, and he may still. But as time goes on his value will only drop especially with his recent play. hesitate to move him but if you package him and get something proven like a scorer or PP QB then you entertain moving him.

The rest of the team i wouldnt move/cant move as they wont waive.

We could get some quality picks/prospects and maybe a player or two in return for some of the above players.

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There is literally not a chance in holy hell that Desjardins will allow a player under 26 (unless he's from medicine hat) to play in our top 6, let alone our top line. No way around it. Just not going to happen. No point in even discussing it.

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