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I have a question


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What is the policy for testing for "Performance Enhancing Drugs" in the NHL

I have a great idea for this year's cup run depending on the answer.

Thanks Mates!

And I assume your idea (since this is in Canucks Talk) is to get all of our players juiced up and go on a massive run to the cup?

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A thread like this and yet i continue to get threads deleted.

What, like your Robert Downey Jr. thread? That was terrible, posting an article from The Onion that made no sense and had no explanation to why it was even posted.

But I agree this thread is bad. Don't worry, the mods will get to it.

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You certainly don't hear as much about performance enhancing drugs in the NHL as you do in other sports leagues, but I'm sure it happens (on what scale, I have no idea).

Over the last 10 years there have been some teams in the playoffs that have been absolutely monsterous and yet didn't take on that persona until the post-season had started. I'm not saying that PED's would be the definitive answer to these epic performances...but it certainly has raised a few unofficial eyebrows for some.

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Roid wouldnt help as much in hockey as it would in other sports because of important of speed, hands, accuracy, ect...

Blood doping, on the other hand, would give a huge advantage.

j think it would help quite a bit. Maybe not quite as much as sports such as track and field or weightlifting, where strength is the only factor. But anything that makes you bigger, faster, and stronger while shedding unnecessary fat would be a huge advantage.

They can also help you train harder and be more consistent over the course of a season.

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